Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sky Painting

The sky has got to be the most amazing canvas in all of creation!  It is constantly changing, moving, shifting, reflecting, absorbing....  I love the sky!

And I love storms!

During last Friday's storm, which you have already read about, the sun set.  OH WOW!  The colors in the sky were literally un-believable.  When the windows in my home started glowing the color of cantaloupe, I grabbed the camera and headed outside.

This is what the sky looked like from my front door.  (this is before I grabbed the tripod and started shooting the lightning that I posted yesterday.)

As the lightning drew my attention toward the storm in the east, I saw this rainbow.

The color you see in all of these pictures was the actual color of the sky!  I haven't done anything to enhance them or change the colors.

To show you the contrast and how cool it was, I took bettyl's idea from the comments on the post about the cliffs and downloaded autostitch from this site.  I had taken several shots from the middle of the street in front of the house with the idea of a panoramic.  This is the entire 360 degrees of the sky at sunset that night.  It wound up being kind of small, so I hope you can see it on this page.  I'm very happy with it though.

I may change the page and put this at the top of the blog where the flowers and canoe are now.  Hrrmmmm.....

I wish I had thought of this at the time - obviously it's too late now.  I should have turned the camera to take several portrait shots of the sky side by side so that my picture would have a little more height.  **sigh**  Oh well.... it's the process of learning, right?

Much Love!



Dana said...

Agreed. . gorgeous. It looks a bit like a fire and smoke, too.

SouthernSass said...

That turned out well and I love the colors.