Monday, August 16, 2010

Friday Night Storm

We had an AMAZING electrical storm this past Friday night.  I went outside after the storm had passed us and took pictures as it headed east.  The lightning was EVERYWHERE!!!  and it was nearly continuous!

I set up the tripod on the front deck and just kept snapping.  I missed some, of course, but I caught quite a bit!  I just kept snapping and snapping.  After I went inside, I just deleted any photo that didn't have lightning in it.  I took over 300 shots and ended the evening with over 70 that had some kind of lightning in the shot.

Here are some of the better shots I got.  I will show you the BEST shot tomorrow as I have some questions and things I'm pondering about it.  

I'm seriously considering trying to figure out how to do an HDR image.  (Combine two or three images so that they overlap.)  I think those last two images combined would be a very cool shot!

Much Love to all!



MarieElizabeth said...

These lightening shots are very fun. Please post if you decide to combine them, I'm interested in how that would look.

Also, can you tell me what layout (design) you use so your blog is wider? I love seeing your photos larger, but haven't figured out how to stretch the space, so to speak. Thanks!

MarieElizabeth said...

Ok, figured out the layout part. I also just saw your other sky photos, don't you just love a good storm?!