Thursday, March 21, 2013

Portrait - Make it Better

I've seen HUNDREDS of portraits like this:

See the refrigerator with magnets in the background?  It also seems that the picture isn't the most flattering.  Pretty dress however, and lovely young lady!  So....

Step 1:  Pay Attention to your BACKGROUND!!  If you only have ugly walls, like I do, find a door, piece of furniture, something.  I usually go outside and use the trees for background because they are always a nice addition.  Alas, it was nighttime, so...

Step 2:  Zoom In!!

So much better already!!  However, I think it could be better, so I had her turn slightly.

Step 3:  Try Different Angles!!!

Definitely an improvement!!  I'm getting a glare off the cabinet, so I zoom in more....

Step 4:  Get a Nice Smile

This is actually the difficult part!!!! (at least it is for me!)  The more I learn about taking pictures, the more I find that the technical aspect is EASY.  It's the PEOPLE part that can be a challenge!

Caught her laughing...  Laughing actually IS NOT the best pose for most people.

Trying not to laugh....

Big Brother making faces at her...

Finally!!!  A NATURAL smile!  That's what I was after!

If the person you are taking pictures of doesn't know you very well, make certain you schedule enough time for them to become comfortable with you.  The more comfortable they are, the more natural your photos will be.  :)

A few Photoshops of this last photo will hopefully follow!



I'm BAaaaaack!!!!

Hooray, the computer is repaired!!

Photos will quickly follow and spam comments are at an end!  Yippee!

I'm a little sad, I'm sure when the spammers figure out that I am back, the traffic to my site will go down.  But hey, that's not the traffic I want!

Can I get an AMEN!!!

Much Love!