Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another set of Senior Photos

I really don't intend to neglect my blog.... It has been one hectic school year!!

As I mentioned previously, I was hired by a former student to do her photos.  I am very pleased with the way they turned out!! 

Here are a few:

It was SO windy and cold that day.  We had trouble keeping her hair out of her face.  It is nice to have such a photogenic subject though!!!  She made it lots of fun.

Here are a couple where I tried to get a more "dreamy" feel to the photos:

It was a great time and I learned so much!!  I learned to quit looking for the perfect background - if you pull in tight to the subject and pay attention, you can make several different backgrounds look nice!  Mostly, it was nice to get excited about taking pictures!  :)

Have a blessed day!