Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Glasses!!

My baby girl got glasses this week.    Awww, how sweet!

So, we went right outside to take a few pictures.  What a challenge that was!!  Both of us are adjusting to the glasses.  Of course, I didn't feel the need to spend extra money on the "no glare" glasses, so that was the big battle.  Although I'm not certain how much difference it would have really made. 

Here are some of the shots we got this afternoon.

The first shot was obviously NOT good.  She was looking right at me and we had major glare on the lenses.

So I asked her to look down slightly and this is what I got.  While the glare was greatly reduced, the facial expression was anything but natural.

I wondered if having her turn to an angle would help with the glare.  It only helped a little, and again, very unnatural expression.

So, in order to get a more relaxed, natural look on her face, I had her look to the side, the slowly turn her head toward me.  I just shot several shots throughout the turn.  I also just started talking to her and asked her to tell me about her glasses and how they felt, did she think Grandma would like them, etc.  It definitely helped!!

This is a new challenge for me.  I haven't had to deal with glasses before other than my own!  (I'm getting new ones too - my first pair of bifocals should arrive by the weekend.)

Anyway, that's my little slice of the world this week... and  the chaos of beginning school, which is actually beginning to calm finally.  I'll chat with you all a little more soon!

Much Love,


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