Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Action Shots and Camera Angle

Something cool I learned recently...  If you turn the camera at an angle, you can add movement, tension or even dizziness to a photo.  This is called a "Dutch Angle" although some people refer to it as a "Batman Angle". 

I tried it with this set of action shots from the daughter's birthday party.  They start out with a nice sense of movement, but I think I got carried away with the angling by the end!!!

I almost feel like I'm falling!!  How cool!

Then I decided to flip my camera.  Not that smart really.  I think it would have been more effective if I'd kept the camera the same the entire time.  But, of course, the girls were moving....  I also think, that in this instance, the tilt works better to the right instead of the left.

Have fun with this one!!

Much Love!



Window On The Prairie said...

You can also slow down the shutter speed to slightly blur the action.

bettyl said...

Great shots to prove that a little 'different' is good!!