Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Car Show

Ok, so this weekend is turning out to be very productive!  I will share all of it over the next few days.

I noticed something about my photography yesterday morning when I stumbled across the car show.  I found that the first 10-12 shots I took were pretty boring.  They were normal stand-at-a-distance-and-shoot photos....  Like this.

How ordinary and not anything spectacular.  The cars are so amazing - they deserve better than this!

So I went with the first thing I know.  Get in closer!  Look for the elements of design - line, form, shape.  Pay attention to the backgrounds (or eliminate them entirely), watch out for the reflections, get high, get low.  I also had to get over worrying about all the people staring at me taking pictures.  As I went about my business and quit feeling self-conscious, they quit looking at me. 

Here is where I went from there.

It seems that the passion that began to flow as I really focused on what I was doing was contagious.  The car owners were thrilled that I loved their cars.  As we began to chat, I told them what I liked about their cars and what I was trying to capture - the curve, the shine of the chrome, the tail light that's different than any other.  The pride that flowed from these men was like a physical thing you could reach out and touch!

Photographically speaking, I began to notice that my shots seemed to center on tail lights, head lights and grills.  So, I thought I'd try to find other interesting spots on the cars.


One of those last two were my favorites of the outing.  For a person who is SO into color, it's interesting that my favorites are mostly black and chrome.  I think that shows that the design elements are strong.

There are MORE - believe it or not!  I just couldn't stop shooting!  I'll share more later this week.

Much Love,




Angela said...

I've been looking around a bit and see that you just started your photography endeavor this summer. You are a very fast learner! These photos are fantastic!

SouthernSass said...

Great shots! I loved them all. You can tell you were having fun! I can also tell that my quadriceps are benefiting from my photo outings as well - lots of crouching. :)

Tiffany said...

Angela - thanks for stopping by! I'm so thrilled you took the time to look around a little to see what I'm up to! :) And thank you - I've come a long way, but I still have far to go!

Sass - I agree... especially at the car show, my legs are getting a workout! I dressed appropriately this time though - no more flip-flops for me while I'm taking pictures. It just wears out my feet too much! I think the "squat" is probably my preferred shooting posture! LOL!

dicope said...

Hello ! Wonderful shots ! It's so amazing what you can d with a camera !!! I love your blog ^^

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Kisses ^^


Bagman and Butler said...

Ah yes!!!!! It is all about the details and angles and reflections and you've outdone yourself! A nice multi-shot frame could make a great montage!

Tiffany said...

Thank you everyone! your comments are so encouraging!! :) I'm so happy that you enjoy coming to visit my little spot in the wide world of Blog!