Sunday, August 22, 2010

And the answer is......

I'm just sorry I didn't have a prize to give away!  Nice job Jama and GingerV - the answer was toothpicks!

My husband grabbed these from the grocery one day (not knowing that I had JUST bought toothpicks the day before!)  He saw the bright colored choice and decided that was the way to go!  :)  They are lots of fun! 

When the kids saw them and showed me, I immediately grabbed my camera.  It was actually a tough shot to get.  I had to be careful because I was SO close to the bottle that I kept knocking it over.  I also kept getting in my own light.  So, I had my daughter shine a flashlight on them.

This was fun!  I will have to do another close-up to guess again sometime!  :)

Have a restful and peaceful Sunday everyone!

Much Love,


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Doreen said...

I never would have guessed. good job!!