Monday, August 2, 2010


So, I'm curious!  What photos do you feel are imperative when there is a birthday?  We have our family traditions, but I want to know if you have any others.

This past Saturday was my middle child's 12th birthday.  We had her party at the pool and you can see that the cake was melting in the 90-something-degree F temperatures.  Even so, fun was had by all!

We have the picture of the Birthday girl with her cake!

Lighting the candles

Blowing out the candles

Opening gifts

I do try to avoid taking pictures of people when they are eating.  It makes people uncomfortable and I have yet to see a flattering photo of someone shoving food in their mouth!

Anyway - what photos do you like to take at special events??



Sarah said...

What fun...what a fun party for her! She is truly beautiful and the photos...stunning!! Nice to meet you :) Sarah

Tiffany said...

And you too, Sarah! Thanks for dropping by! PS - I LOVE your art! The little witches shopping strip on the bookmark is genius!!!