Friday, August 6, 2010

Artistic Edits

I talked about processing a little bit yesterday.  (okay, I talked a lot - sorry!)

Today I thought I'd share some examples of the less everyday more artistic type processing.

The lovely daughter who wants to be a model posed for me.

Here's an over-the-shoulder shot SOOC (straight out of the camera).

Because she is wearing such a bright pink, and because reds and pinks tend to be over saturated (it's just the nature of light and digital photography, from what I gather,) this is the perfect chance to go with an almost black-and-white.

I just desaturated each individual color - including the reds and pinks.  I just kept some pink and red and completely got rid of the rest.  

Here's another shot SOOC.

I actually didn't like this one until I started playing around with it.

First, I straighten it and cropped.  Then I outlined Rachel and blurred everything else.  (I missed a spot - can you see it?)  I also increased the saturation considerably.

It's not prize-worthy by any means, but it's fun.

Then I decided to try one of the art brush effects.  This one is "dry brush".

I like this.  :)

I could spend, and sometimes do spend, WAY too much time at the computer playing with the pictures.  But if it's the middle of a very HOT day, and the mid-day sun is not ideal for going out to take pictures in the HEAT, then why not??

Much Love,


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