Saturday, July 24, 2010


Yesterday, my daughters and I went to play in the water at Echo Cliff Park.  Here is the cliff that gives the park it's name.

What is stumping me, and where I could use some advice, is this:  How do I capture and convey exactly how big this cliff is?  It's giant - and randomly in the middle of nowhere!

I can't move too far back because the creek is down about 10 feet from the surrounding ground level.  When I get close enough to NOT get the opposite ledge in the shot, I cannot capture the entire cliff.  If I move back enough to get the entire cliff, I capture the ledge on the opposite side of the creek as well as a lot of foliage and it loses it's intensity.

Seen here:

I tried to get this shot while there was a man sitting on the cliff to give it some proportion, but it's so large, you can barely see the guy...

See him???

There he is!

Here are a couple more tries:

My daughters are here as well as two adults climbing the side.

Ugh.... needs to be crisper!

I zoomed in on the girls a little here.

They look so tiny!  One is almost 4 feet and the other is 4 1/2 feet....  getting so big so fast!

If you have any ideas for me, or suggestions, or whatever, please leave 'em in the comments below - and thanks!

Much Love,



Lizzie said...

Hi Tiffany, what amazing cliffs! I'm glad you pointed out the man sitting there, I wouldn't have found him otherwise, great shots...

bettyl said...

Those are great photos. I never heard of this place and I live in the Topeka area for about 6 years! As for the advice, I occasionally use a program called 'autostitch' that is a free download. You can take a shot, move a little, take another shot, etc and as long as the program can find common points in each photo, it will make one big panorama. Here is an example on my blog

Tiffany said...

bettyl - what a good idea! Why didn't I think of that? LOL!!

Lizzie - I thought I'd better circle him. I had trouble finding him too!

Thank you both for your comments. :)