Friday, July 2, 2010

My Search for Americana - Part 1

As you may have read here, I have been watching Pioneer Woman's photography blog and her photo assignment entitled Americana.  Being inspired by the wonderful shots on her flicker group, and since it's getting close to USA's Independence Day, I thought I would search for my own definition of Americana.


I started by going through the photos I already had from previous years.

Parade photo

This is my youngest at the Alamo - she was tired and decided to rest

I went out and actively searched for things that mean America and Americana.

I looked for things that are SO iconic they are almost cliche...

 Baseball Scoreboard

American Flag

(Photos of fireworks will be posted later this weekend.)


To many, Americana means the USA of the past.  It's more nostalgic or even down right sentimental.  Going on that theme, I found some of these things...

One-Room Schoolhouse

My Sister's Falcon  :)

Covered Wagon


The gas pump just screams Rt. 66 to me.

And Coca-Cola is so America!

I was actually challenged to find a way to interpret this theme originally.  I spent a lot of time driving and wondered "What does America mean to me?"

Tune in tomorrow to see what I discovered.  :)


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