Thursday, July 1, 2010

Amber Waves of Grain

disclaimer:  All of today's photos are Straight Out Of the Camera (SOOC).  No processing of any kind has been done....   (except to add the arrows in the pictures below)


I spent yesterday, and a good portion of this morning as well, driving around the countryside looking for wheat fields.  Turns out - I live in the wrong part of Kansas for wheat....

I found a lot of corn fields

Corn, and more corn, everywhere....

The ONLY wheat field I found was behind my parent's home - and it was harvested over the weekend.  I was about 3 days too late.

I was pretty bummed.

Wheat stubble

So I walked back there to see if there was any chance for any kind of pictures of wheat..

There was a small swath near the edge of the field, under a tree that got missed by the combine.

It was in the shade (shadowed) so I couldn't really take pictures at the moment.

We decided to go take pictures of other things for the evening.  I figured I'd try the next morning. 

Guess what????

The morning sun gave the wheat the golden hue I wanted.  :)

It's not the field full of waving wheat I had envisioned, but it's wheat.  And as long as I got WAY down on the ground (almost laying down) it was a great macro shot!

Then I tried to get on the other side of the wheat....

Oh Ya!

I like this one because the barn and silo are blurred in the background.

These photos cheered me up a bit. 

Much Love,



Anonymous said...

I think you found corn instead of wheat b/c of the time of year. -Nicoletta

Tiffany said...

Ya, Lyle said I just missed it and that's probably why I couldn't find it anywhere else. I'll have to remember to look a little earlier next year.