Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On the Road

I'm sorry to do it, but I'm afraid I have no photos from today's escapades to share with everyone.  I'm spending the night at my mom's and her computer won't recognize my camera.  It's funny, actually, because she has the same camera I do!  (hmmm... maybe that's the problem...)  I'll be home in plenty of time to share some of my fun tomorrow.

However, I hate to leave you high and dry with nothing to look at, so here are some pictures of a storm that blew through here about a year ago.  It actually went south of us - missed us completely - but the light show was incredible! 

It started about 1:00 am last summer.  My husband and I were on the deck talking about how clear the sky was.  I decided to grab the camera and see if I could get pictures of the stars.

Add the missing star behind the cloud and you have the Big Dipper.  :)

Then the clouds started getting in the way

And I noticed that they were moving a little too quickly for the long shutter speed.

So - I decided to try a side view instead....

The clouds were very cool... and hey, is that lightening??

Wow!!  Yes it is!

Let's do it again!

Now, before you freak out, I have to tell you that this was so far away that we didn't hear thunder at all that night.  Just so you don't worry.  ;)

So what about a different angle...  I moved the camera to look toward the right and...

I love the stars that are clear as a bell in the upper right there.  

It was so cool!  This went on for nearly 45 minutes.

And I was snapping away the whole time....

Y'All - I was jumping up and down when I captured this one.  haha!

So much fun!

I'm just glad I didn't have to get up early the next morning.

Much love to all,

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