Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mode Dial - Portrait Mode

Ok, the much awaited practicing....  Today, the Portrait Mode.

This one

I already knew that the portrait mode is used to take pictures of people - up close, portraits.  Makes perfect sense.

Something I learned about the Portrait Mode that I didn't already know:

*  When I use this mode, the subject in the center of the shot will be in focus and slightly highlighted and the background will be a soft blur.   

Hallelujah!!!!  I have been trying to GET this effect with no success while in the "auto" mode.  Wouldn't you know, it's already programed into my camera.  (See what happens when you read the instructions!  HA!)

So - I gather up my most willing model (youngest child) and head out to find someplace to take pictures.  Actually, any place will do since the background will be blurred.  Of course, a little bribing your models helps a little.

We went to the playground at Sonic.  Notice that it was overcast.  That actually was good for us because it meant I didn't have to worry about lighting.  No nasty shadows or sunny stripes to avoid.  And thank goodness there will be blurring in the background because those powerlines and poles detract somewhat from the photo.

Here Goes!!!  :)

Drinking the beloved Strawberry CreamSlush.  YUM!

Are you finished taking pictures yet, mom?

No? Okay.  How's this "fashion" pose?

Now can I go play?

Hi Mom!!  (this was the top of the slide, taken from down below (at least 12 feet away) but still in the portrait mode.  I just had to be careful with the focus.  Notice there's no blurry background this time.

Sliding!  This one isn't focused as well.  I stayed in portrait mode even though this is more an action shot.  We'll try the pictures on the slides and swings when we get to the sports mode!

Cute shot that will need to be cropped....  I'm not thrilled with the boy's feet at the top of the picture.

There we go!  That's a little better.  :)

What's that mom?  You have an idea? 

Okay, what is it?  (PS - I'm smiling!)

Cool idea, but it's not working....  Try turning the camera.

Almost...  try it one more time.

There ya go!  Much better!  :)

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