Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today was a day to practice.  The shots aren't exactly what I had envisioned, but they are close.  Much closer than previous tries.  Here are some of the better shots from today.

The stream at a park we went to.

It still isn't quite good enough, but I'm not sure why.... I will continue to search.  

Here is the second best picture from the day:

Echo Cliff at the same park.

There are some good things in the photo - and that cliff is just spectacular (especially in person.)  But again, there are some problems.

What I like:

* I think the composition is pretty good, but could be improved.

* I like the greens and the lovely stripes in the cliff face.

What I don't like:

* I've got yellow dots in the middle of the picture from the sun.  I didn't even notice this until I got home and got them in my computer.  Something to think about in the future.

* It's difficult to tell how huge that cliff is.  The little boy in the photo helps put it in perspective somewhat, but he practically needs to be pointed out.  

* I need something in the foreground to help show how large the cliff is.

* The next time I go to this park, I'm bringing the kids.

* And some clothes that I can get dirty and/or wet in!

Have a great day everyone!  :)

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