Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day Delight

We went swimming at the neighborhood pool for Father's Day on Sunday.  My man is quite camera shy and gets annoyed if I try to take his picture.  Too bad because I don't have many pictures of him (or my son for that matter.)   Evidently, it's manly to not want your picture taken.

The best way to get some shots of him is to pretend your taking pictures of the kids.  Not that I don't want pictures of the kids too.  These were fun:

I took these in rapid succession with the Sport Mode on my camera.

The neighbors were there with their daughter, who is the same age as my littlest one.

The girls have become great friends.  :)

My favorite shot for the day, however, was this one.

And to my dad, who sometimes reads this blog - I love you!  Thanks for being such a wonderful Father! 


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