Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rising Moon

I originally went out to my yard last night to attempt to capture shots of the rabbits who love our yard.   I was lucky enough to catch this one, but it was the only good one I got.

So I did a "forced zoom".  Basically, since my camera couldn't zoom in far enough, and I kept scaring the bunny if I got closer, I zoomed in by cropping the photo on my computer.  This is the result.

It's a pretty good picture, but it's not as crisp as it could have been if I hadn't had to force it.

As I sat still watching rabbits and being bitten by mosquitoes, I became captivated by the colors in the sky....

 I took this first picture to document the light while taking pictures of rabbits.  I also thought the clouds were kind of nice.

Then I noticed the beginnings of some beautiful colors as the sun set behind me.

I just love the pink and purple... and a little bit of orange.  At this point, I went back to the animals and had minimal luck.  But the next time I looked back up, the moon had entered the picture.

The moon looked like it was stepping through the fog to show its face.  Completely enthralling!

As the sun set, the color began to fade.

Awww... how sad.  But I like the stripes the clouds are creating!

The entire time I was shooting this, I kept thinking the song "Bad Moon Rising" in my head.  I know - dork!

I also got nearly a thousand mosquito bites....  Does that count toward suffering for my art?  I think it should!

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