Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Secret to Good Landscapes (I Think...)

Ok - I've been obsessing over landscapes this summer.  You probably already know that I've been checking out library books, researching online, studying others' photographs, etc.


I think I found my answer!

The reason why my scenics (landscape photographs) are just so-so and not "fabulous" as I think they should be........   Are you ready?  It's the clouds!  Or to be more specific, the sky.

I had checked out a book by Bill Smith entitled Designing a Photograph.  In the section he had about scenics, he stated,

" Photographers on location spend a lot of time waiting for the sun and clouds to be perfect."

As much as that seems to be obvious, that explains why there are many times I feel that my photos have fallen flat.  The composition is good, I've waited until the "golden light" is available, etc.  but nothing can duplicate the wonderous beauty that God provides in the sky!

Yesterday afternoon just hammered home the point to me.  I wish I had noticed the clouds a little earlier.   I stepped out my front door just in time to see this amazing sight.
The texture of those clouds are fabulous!  And just look at that light!!!

Unfortunately, the problem was my timing.  When I zoom out, you will see the problem.

Our part of the state spent most of the afternoon and all of the evening under a stationary front.

As I was taking these shots, I was starting to feel sprinkles and could hear thunder.

Here's a shot as I turned around and looked over my rooftop.

The storm was already upon us.  Nice for the rain, the crops, the temperature... but not so great for photography, unless you want photos of rain.  (which we actually didn't get a lot of...)


Back to my original point - Could you imagine the awesomeness of a photograph that was well thought out, well composed, had a great scene AND had a sky like this??

THAT is my goal!!  I still have a couple of weeks before my summer "vacation" is over and the school year resumes.  Now that I know what I'm after and what I'm looking for, I hope I can capture at least one real stunner before the summer is out!

Much Love,



Window On The Prairie said...

Sunrises and sunsets are better with clouds too.

Tiffany said...

I agree, Suzanne! I'm becoming a weather watcher. I'm sure you already are since your hubby farms. :) I love storms, but now I watch to see how much cloud cover there is.