Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Black and Whites

There's something about a black and white photo.  I'm not really certain what it is....

Over at Cabin Fever inVermont there is a photography contest.  I know, another contest??!?  Yep...

I like them - give me a break!  Besides, they are adding focus to my summer of photography.  Otherwise, I'm wondering around randomly looking for things to take pictures of!  Oh wait, I'm already doing that.  hrm....

Anyway, as I was converting photos over to black and white, I noticed a few things....

     1)  For a B&W to be successful, the photo should have a lot of contrast and sharpness.

     2)  B&W gives photos a timeless feel.  (duh...)

     3)  There are still a lot of adjustments that can be made within the black and white format.

     4)  B&W can save a photo that might have otherwise been unused....   (see example below!)

     5) I need to quit observing and just post some pictures!!!

Of course, B&W can make a photo completely timeless.

Here's a shot I didn't think I liked all that much.  But now that it's B&W, it has become one of my favorites!!!

How about a save?!  My daughter dressed herself the day I took this.  I figured I'd never use the picture anywhere but for myself.  Look how the B&W saved it!!

It just brings out the fun, doesn't it??

I also like the high contrast of this one.

It's easier to find the man walking around the pond in the B&W, isn't it.

The wildflower pictures are ones I think I prefer in color. 

It works in black and white, but the color is what I love about it.

These last two are my favorites.

The grapes work because it was already a monochromatic photo and it's nice and sharp.  There are also lots of highlights and lowlights.

And this is my favorite of all.... 

Of course, I'm probably biased...   :)

Much love,


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