Monday, July 11, 2011

What's in my Camera Bag?

I have done a lot of searching on the internet for "well-known" photographers.  I want to see their work, read their biographies, see the answers they post in their FAQ's and generally find out what makes them tick.  For me this also helps give me a frame of reference for "what I want my photos to look like".  (Or sometimes, what I DON'T want my photos to look like!)

As I explore these sites and the people associated with them, one of the strangest questions keeps popping up.  "What's in your camera bag?"  People seem so interested in what's there.  As I click on the answers, I find it's actually more about what kind of camera equipment they have.

So I thought I'd list what's in my bag.  Not only for your interest, but it's a good idea for insurance purposes in case anything happens to it!  I should have a list on hand, and now I'll have one on the internet!

I don't have a lot of equipment at this time since I'm just beginning, but every shot I've posted on my blog (with the exception of the first few posts and the ones from my phone) has come from this equipment.

Obviously this wasn't taken with the camera!  I used my phone for this photo!

First off, we have the camera itself.  It is a Canon EOS Rebel XT - which you can see by the handy pocket guide which I always keep in my case.  Sometimes, I carry it in my back pocket.  I've almost got everything down that is in that little guide, but until I know it VERY well and no longer get confused about which mode is Aperture Priority and which is Shutter Priority, it will stay close!

I also have a 4GB memory card and you can see the battery and its charger.  First things on my wish list at this point are duplicates of each of these.  That way, when I get home from taking photos (or just at the end of the day), I can switch them out and always have freshly charged batteries and a full 4GB of memory available!

Next is the lens that I got with the camera.  It is so useful in almost ANY situation!  Also a Canon, as you can see, it is an 18-55mm lens.  I also got the next lens with the camera.  My husband got a package deal on and most of this was included with that.

The macro lens screws on to the end of the regular lens.  I've used it several times with photographing flowers, bugs, and other things that are very small.  It really allows you to get a great focus an those details.

Then there's my new lens that I'm so excited to have!  I posted about it here, if you didn't see it.  It is a 55-250mm lens with image stabilizer.....  Let me tell you how much I LOVE the image stabilizer!  WOW!

Next up are my lens filters.  They also came with the camera when it was purchase, but I didn't use them at first.  I've learned to put the UV filter on whatever lens I'm using all the time!  It is the best way to protect the lens from being scratched.  I have started using the polarizing filter when I'm shooting in the bright sunlight.

I still haven't used the FLD filter.  It is my understanding that its purpose is to correct the lighting for florescent lights.  Since you can do that by correcting the white balance, there really isn't much need for it.  It just sits in my case for now.

One filter I do NOT have that I would like is a graduated ND filter for taking shots of sunsets!  :)

Of course we have the actual bag itself - along with the ever-essential, never-leave-home-without-them hair ties!!!  I would like to - eventually - get a bag to carry with me that is carried more like a back-pack.  I think it will be less clumsy and awkward.

Now we are down to the strange and interesting - as well as the sometimes essential items!

Cleaner and cleaning cloths for the lenses.

Small notebook and pen, just in case.

Hand sanitizer and a screwdriver (with both fillips and flat-head)
Seriously, you'd be surprised how many times I've been someplace and needed a screwdriver!

Card Reader
OK - the card reader is in there for lots of reasons and STAYS THERE!  I'll have to do another post about that.  This one is getting long!

I'm beginning to see the reason for this curiosity about what's it peoples' camera bags.  You can learn a lot about a person (or about yourself!) by seeing what's important enough  to carry around.  Maybe we should do a "What's in my purse?" post.

Maybe not.... It might be too frightening!!!  LOL

Have a great day everyone!



David said...


Putting hand sanitizer for the camera bag is a great idea. I will need to do it also. There has been a few times I've needed it. Sun screen is another item often over looked. Thanks for sharing what's in the bag. What's in the purse might be a little scary! LOL!

Tiffany in Topeka said...

Thanks David! I often forget about sunscreen because I am one who rarely burns.... I should put it in for the kids though! Also forgot to add sunglasses! Sometimes I need some of those!