Thursday, June 30, 2011

White Balance - VERY IMPORTANT!

My husband was in another play this past month, so when time came for the photo call, I was SO there!! 

The show was The Boys Next Door and it was so enjoyable.  Here are a couple of shots from that evening:

What does that have to do with White Balance you ask??  Nothing yet!  But here's where it happened.  I noticed that the photos of people who were in a spot light were very washed out...  Here's one of my husband.

You see that it seems somewhat over exposed right on him.  So, I flipped over to manual so I could adjust the white balance, changed it to florescent lighting and snapped another shot. 

Here's the difference (although I like the composition of the above shot better, I think): 

Much Better!!!!  So I patted myself on the back for being so clever!  :) 

However - there's more to the story....

The next morning I went out very early (sunrise!) to try my hand at taking some Senior Pictures of my son.  What I didn't realize until I happened to glance at the LCD screen was that the White Balance was still set for florescent lighting.  OOPS!

Here's how I knew something was hinky....

Blue-Faced Child....

The white of his sleeves (and his face) have a bluish hue...

Once I fixed the white balance problem (this is un-edited!)

So, um, ya.... if you decide to be clever and change the white balance setting on your camera, don't forget to change it back!! 

Much Love to ya on this beautiful Thursday!!


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