Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Looking for Inspiration...

2 things about me for today:

1 - I am inspired, humbled, and occasionally frustrated when I see the AMAZING photos  that are out there in the world! 

2 - I want to do some kind of photo project to help me improve my photography.

About viewing photos - first of all, I have been introduced to the website 500px and I don't think my life and my attitude about photography will ever be the same...  seriously, my world view, photographically speaking, has just been adjusted.  I joined the site in order to browse, but I think it will be a long time before I post anything there!  It was beautiful, extraordinary, and down-right intimidating!  WOW!

About my own photography - I have been pushing myself for the past year and it shows.  If I go back and look at my photos from a year ago and the most recent shots I've taken, there is definite improvement. 

Slightly over a year ago...  April of 2010

Last week...  June 2011

Last Summer

This Summer - so far...

I'm stuck in a strange place - I'm both encouraged and frustrated by my photography!  I see improvement and I like it.  Yet I see where I want to be and I'm SO FAR from it.  I guess it's something like your Freshman year of college (university).  They say the first year is so you will know how much you don't know.... or something like that.  Well, I'm there!  I have SO far to go!

In my constant effort to improve, I have decided that I definitely want to try a 52 week project.  The idea would be that I would post a photo once a week.  The question I now have is how do I want to do this??  I've seen projects like this where the person takes a self-portrait every week - which does intrigue me....   I've also seen places where there is a list and each week you take or create the next photo that is on the list.  That really sounds about my speed at the moment. 

I want to push myself, but I want to be realistic.  I want something that will challenge me, yet not so much of a challenge to set myself up for failure (which is why I will NOT do a 365 at this time in my life!  haha!)

So - do any of you have suggestions??  Have you done a project 52 or a 365 that you enjoyed??   I'm looking for things that will drive my creativity and really make me think.  Do you know of lists or photo challenges out there to participate in? 

Thank in advance for any suggestions or advice!!!  :)

Much love!

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