Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Computer Has Returned!!!

The bad news - I burned up my video card.

The Good News!? - it was ONLY the video card and not the entire computer!  Whew!  All files are intact and no photos were lost in the process! 

Just before I took it in, it would randomly shutdown for no apparent reason.  Every time I would turn it on, it would shut down a little faster until it would only stay on for 1-2 minutes at a time!  I frantically plugged in my external hard-drive and started backing up photos.  Turns out, I hadn't backed up anything since before CHRISTMAS!  YIKES!!!  That's a lot of photos that I would have lost!

If you are reading this now and you save photos - or any other keepsake type items - to your computer, stop right now and back up stuff!!!  I was SO lucky!

There will be posts coming the rest of this week and this coming weekend about my photography endeavors over the last few weeks, but here's a teaser.

My first attempt at taking senior pictures of my son.  Also the only picture in the group that has been edited.  Since I haven't had my computer, I used to edit the shot.

Have a great Wednesday!  I'm still going to be busy on Thursday, but hopefully back to some PHOTOS on Friday!  :)

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