Tuesday, June 14, 2011

V is for Variety!

I'm trying a new photo group.  It's called "ABC Wednesday".  They have you post a certain letter each week on Wednesday and today's letter is "V".  Here's the link:

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So, here's why I chose Variety - since I was going to post these pictures anyway.  :)

Because of things happening with my health, I've been trying to eat more fruits and veggies.  (don't worry please, I'm fine! :)  )  The problem is, and you may have the same problem, that once I buy the fruit or veggies, they sit in the 'fridge and eventually go bad! 

My solution was to make a tray as if we were having company and leave it sitting out on the kitchen table.  Talk about working!!!  I ate more fruit than I have in a long time and the kids just devoured it!!  I had to hold them off so I could take pictures before they ate.

One of the keys was to make it as appealing to the eye as possible.  Not only did I include a Variety of our favorites, but I also was sure to include a Variety of COLORS!!!

Here are some of the shots I got:

The kids and I wound up eating 2 cantaloupes....


 2 1/2 pounds of grapes....


 2 quarts of Strawberries, a pint of blueberries....

 2 Kiwi.... (my kids and I love kiwi! I wish they weren't so expensive here!)

Half a cucumber and a pint of grape tomatoes....

Lots of carrots and sugar snap peas, 2 plums and lots of cheese!

Did you know that on the new Weight Watchers plan, all fruits and veggies are FREE (no points, you can eat as much as you want!!!)  Besides being low in calories and high in vitamins and other good things - they are YUMMY and perfect on hot summer days!


 Did you know that if you bite the bottom off a strawberry, and if you have little fingers, the strawberry can become a ring??  You learn something new every day!  :)
PS - my baby loves strawberries...

PS - notice that the kiwi is already disappearing - the older one is going for the last 2 slices here.  I barely got any!!! 

What are your secrets for getting the kids (or yourself!) to eat more vegetables and fruit??  Do you have recipes that work well with kids?

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!  :)



photowannabe said...

Welcome to ABC Wednesday. You'll find we're a great group from all over the world. In fact we are your word for today VARIETY.
Great photos and descriptions. Having the fruit out really does help for the "munchies".

Jingle said...

The fruit salad is way too cool.

richies said...

Hey! you're making me hungry.

An Arkies Musings

Rebecca said...

I am in the mood for some fruit. I can't imagine why!

Roger Owen Green said...

They look delicious!
Oh, and welcome.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Meryl said...

Great looking platter with a variety of colors AND textures! Would you make me one of those plates!