Saturday, July 23, 2011

Found It!!!

I've been hearing this bird in our yard for a while, but yesterday I finally found him!  He was sitting on the line and chirping his song.

Now if I can just get him to come a little closer.  All of these shots were at 200mm.

If I try to enlarge the bird by cropping the shot, this is what I get:

I'll keep trying - I think I will go out and sprinkle the yard with bird seed the night before.  I always see the birds early in the morning. 

Have a wonderful Weekend!



Cindy Bonnewell Kennedy said...

Awesome Job Tiffany.. They are great pictures

Doreen said...

yes, the Cardinal. they are hard to catch a shot of. good job!

Karena said...

Hi Tiffany, love the close up image of the Cardinal they are so beautiful!!

I am in the Kansas City area


Art by Karena

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Rebecca said...

That's a hard shot to get!

Francisca said...

I've never seen a red cardinal live, so this is pretty magnificent to me!

Renee said...

My husband is going to be a bird snob in his old age. He loves photographing birds. We have more bird pictures from our vacation to Costa Rica and Disney's Animal Kingdom than everything else combined.

Tiffany in Topeka said...

@Renee - Wow! Birds are difficult for me. If I get close enough for a good shot, they fly away!

@Francisca - I am so surprised that you haven't seen a cardinal before!! You've seem to have been EVERYWHERE! :) PS - I love your blog photos!

EG Wow said...

I have a chirping bird that I can't find too. It hides in very leafy trees. I wonder if it's a cardinal. :) Congratulations for getting lucky. I hope your idea for getting it to come closer works. :)