Saturday, July 16, 2011

Guest Photographer - MY DAUGHTER!!

Yesterday, Elayna wanted to take pictures, so she borrowed my camera.

She has a good eye and is also learning how to use the camera.  Here are some of her shots from out in front of the house.  Pretty good - says I!!!  :)

Elayna really seems to be drawn to textures.  I LOVE them!! 

What great macros!



Thistle - I wonder where she found this....  I didn't know there were thistles in the yard!

I love that my children are such artists - each in their own way!  I'm sure Elayna also says "Hi!" to her friends in Texas!  :)

Have a great weekend!



Bagman and Butler said...

Wow! Not what I'd expect from a child -- although I just realized I have no clue as to Elayna's age so I am presuming she is a second year art school student? I think we do some of our best work whether photography, writing, etc., before maturity begins reigning in our imagination.

Tiffany in Topeka said...

Elayna is nearly 13. I agree - she still has a wonderful imagination and great vision! I hope she keeps it for a long, long time!

Jillian said...

I like the textured, splintery wood, the feather and the thistles.
"Hi" back, Elayna! :)