Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Bunny Dance

We have rabbits.  Lots of rabbits!

Not as pets, mind you, but they just hang around our yard.  Behind our lot is a creek with a park on the other side which seems to lend to lots of furry creatures.  The rabbits have multiplied mightily this year - as rabbits do - and they seem to know that we won't harm them.

The other night, as I was coming home, one was in our front yard VERY close to the front deck.  I ran inside for the camera and the tripod and he (she??) was still there when I came back.  Then the rabbit did something I haven't seen before.  It did a strange little dance.

It hopped forward, jumped back, spun in a circle, looked left, looked right....  all kinds of things!

Have a restful and relaxing Sunday! 



Jillian said...

We have roofing companies. Lots of roofing companies!
Not on our roof, mind you, but they just hang around our neighborhood. (One is banging on the house next door at this moment.)

Sorry, I had to do that. Your first couple of sentences gave me the idea. :D FANTASTIC photos. And I've never seen a bunny dance either!!!

Maya said...

That's so cute! I wish I could have seen the bunny dance...

Jillian said...

*does a jig, trying to imitate the bunny* How's that, Maya?

Bengts fotoblogg said...

Very cute, great photos.