Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crochet Project

I've been feeling "crafty" lately and wondering what to do.  While looking around the internet for various things, I found a great pattern for a sweater!  I had some yarn at the house, so I dove in!

My daughter generously took these photos of my hands.  She crawled up behind me on the couch and took the pictures over my shoulder.  It would be an excellent way to create a tutorial!

One motif finished!

After several of the motifs are finished and linked together to make the upper part of the sweater, work starts on the lower half.

Here's what the finished project is supposed to look like along with a link to the pattern (in case anyone is interested.)

Click on the photo to go to the pattern

Have a fabulous Tuesday!  :)



EG Wow said...

I agree that this would be an excellent way to tech someone how to crochet this pattern. The sweater looks great on the model!

Jillian said...

The motif you made looks great! Are you making the sweater for yourself or someone else?

Tiffany in Topeka said...

Thank you! This sweater is for myself. I'm trying it out to make sure I can do it. My sister has asked me to make her wedding dress for next year, so I'm trying to make sure I CAN! haha! :)