Friday, June 24, 2011

Hats, Hats, Hats and MORE Hats!

When I first read the theme for today's Friday My Town Shoot Out, I thought "Hats?!?  I hope I can find some pictures of hats!"

Well - was I surprised when I started sorting through my photos!  I have hats galore!  I hope you don't get bored as I post so many hats it will make your head swim!  (haha!)

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Friday My Town Shootout

Part of the reason I have so many hats on file, is my work with theater - you'll see in a moment.  I also have quite a few from parades since my children are involved in marching band.  Of course, there are a few from Halloween....  So I began to wonder if I had any hats from everyday life.

Never fear!  There are hats!  :)

Let me begin with hats in the every day life of those around me.

Fellow photographer, Mark, who wears a hat on occasion.

My step-dad, Lyle, who always wears a hat when working outdoors.

Fellow dart player - I don't think I've ever seen him without a hat....

My step-dad again along with my nephew.  Hats are essential in the cold!

One of my favorite hats on my husband.  I've tried to steal it a few times - unsuccessfully....

A student of mine who happened to have this on the day I brought my camera to school.
Photographer at a wedding.  I don't think he expected to have his photo taken that day.

Father of the Bride at the same wedding.  Lovely man!

Now, of course, you'd expect to see more hats as the weather turns cold!  Here are a few of those.

Youngest Daughter in the Snow
Trying on her Birthday present!

My husband - hiding from the cold!!!

And of course, my largest selection, the parades, costumes, etc.

One of my favorite photos of my son - and one of his favorites too!
Who can forget My Fair Lady

Especially those wonderful Ascot Hats!!
Some of them from back stage!
What about this amazing Alice in Wonderland cast?!?  Middle school kids with wonderful hats.  The flowers, the Queen of Hearts!!  Wow!

How about some Rockin' parade hats?!?  I'm running out of room!

 And some of the more important hats...

My God-Daughter at her High School graduation

Always a wonderful moment!

I hope you enjoyed the hats today!  They are more plentiful than I first thought!  Look out for hats around you and don't forget to go look at everyone else's hats!

Friday My Town Shootout

Happy Friday!



EG Wow said...

Wow! You found tons of hats in your archives! And such a nice variety too.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

You get the prize for the large selection. Great job. No graduates in this family this year. That was a sure timely one. Great job.

Jama said...

You have quiet a collection here, some are quiet nice but the Ascot Hat are quick wacky! I'm just not a hat person.

Kim, USA said...

Wow I believe you, you have more than enough and they are all pretty and different from each other. Thanks for sharing!

The Hat">

Leckeres für Mensch und Katze said...

Wow so many different hats. :) LG Tina

Sarah said...

Oh oh oh what wonderful hats...I can't choose a favorite!! Ok well maybe the one with horns..or the cowboy hat..I am partial to cowboys really..or..ok all wonderful! Fantastic shootout!
I find that often with shootouts..I think I don't have anything to fit the bill and turns out there are lots!!Sadly my computer crashed and I really don't have anything this week..sigh!
Thank you for finding my shot of Tink on Ree's site..I have been adding photos to her contests for a couple years! I am still over the moon LOL!! And you are a friend..doesn't matter if here or in do know me:)
Hugs, Sarah

Pauline said...

You made it nigh on impossible to pick a favourite. It's taken a while but I've decided - the shot of your husband wearing one of your favourites. He must be a real man of substance to be able to pull off that hat - and he does it well.
Thanks for a great selection!

Tiffany in Topeka said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments! After my own computer mishaps recently and hearing about Sarah's I have dutifully backed up all my images on an external hard drive!!

I also enjoyed seeing everyone's hats this week. I love being part of FMTSO! Thanks to ALL of the people to participate! :)


Bagman and Butler said...

A great shot of flying hats at the end. And too many winners here to pick out any favorites...

Doreen said...

what a fantastic post! I really enjoyed seeing all of your hats.

I recently joined up with carbonite that automatically backs up your pics and such. my computer is getting old and you never know what may happen.