Friday, October 1, 2010

FMTSO - Orange and Black

Friday My Town Shootout

This week's theme for Friday My Town Shoot Out is "Orange and Black".

I wasn't sure I had many pictures that were orange, let alone orange and black - but I took a little time to sift through my catalog of photos.  (and that alone was a lot of fun!  There are some wonderful memories stored in my computer!)  I was so excited that I not only found shots that were orange and black, but they were taken right here in Topeka and the surrounding area!

Here are some shots I found for this Friday.

From my post a couple weeks ago about the bon fire - orange flames and black charred branches.

And another fire from my father's place on Christmas morning.  Always the best time for a fireplace!

Orange roses from the Gage Park Rose Garden.

A shot of a butterfly I found in the park last summer.  

And this past summer's search for the perfect sunset.

How about a flower from a trip to Lake Shawnee?

There's always the orange and black flames on the classic car at the diner in Worlds of Fun amusement park.

Or if you happen to have a need to feed an army, you might wind up with several bins of orange chips!  (This is how we feed that huge marching band you read so much about!)

What about that AMAZING orange Charger from the car show last month???  **Swoon**

And lastly, but certainly not least, what about that orange sky in August??  The sun setting in the middle of the wild lightening storm??  Awesome!

You should click here to see everyone else's Orange and Black photos this week!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,



Jama said...

I love the picture of the orange rose, so beautiful! not a very common color for a rose. And that orange car, just grab your attention!

NanU said...

Nice bonfire!
That'll be happening in my yard soon - one of my favorite fall events.

Rebecca said...

Great collection of oranges. I think I posted the same type of butterfly. Love that old Charger too.

daylily (Queenmothermamaw) said...

A great Orange and Black post. Some truly marvelous pictures. Getting cold here in Ky. and I loved those roses. Great cars.

In the eye of the beholder said...

wow, I like them all!

Kim, USA said...

What a great pictures you have it here. I love the car ^_^!
Black & Orange

Doreen said...

beautiful orange flowers and great fires! cars are fun too. many fantastic images Tiffany.

Tiffany said...

Thank you all! It was a fun shoot-out this week. :) I didn't think I had much orange. Turns out I had quite a lot!

I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Ann said...

That's one HOT car. Did you get to ride in it?