Thursday, October 14, 2010

Old Glory!

While waiting for the parade last Saturday, I found myself standing next to a flag that was rippling in the wind.  How perfect! 

I just found a good vantage point that didn't have distractions and put the sun where I wanted it.  I then set my camera to take continuous shots as the wind moved the flag around.

Here are the results.

All photos are SOOC.

I think the first is probably my favorite because the sun is just over the edge of the flag, but half of the flag is not crisply focused.   I also like the third and forth shots.  :)

Have a great evening!  Friday shoot out tomorrow! 

Much Love,


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Bagman and Butler said...

I like this kind of thing -- sort of like super-dooper slow motion. Not a movie but not quite a still. Makes you notice the relationships between one and the next.