Tuesday, October 12, 2010

At the Park

A fun day last Saturday.  The son's band performed in a parade just a block from the house.  I'll post pictures about that soon.

As we were waiting on the parade, the girls and I played on the merry-go-round.  I decided to climb up there with them and try to take pictures WHILE they were spinning. 

It was:

* FUN!

* a little scary

* made me very DIZZY!!

* created some interesting pictures!

I learned:

* HANG ON!  TIGHTLY!!  I wrapped my leg around one of the bars and sat on the beam.

* Set the shutter on continuous fire.  There WILL be some "bad" shots among the good ones.

* I hadn't thought about it, but it makes sense.... Because we are going around in circles, the light will be changing in each shot.

*  It's hard to focus on something when I'm moving!!!

Here is my favorite from the morning.

This second one is probably better technically, but her smile was starting to fade and is looking a little more forced.  The first smile was better.  :)

Now that I take a closer look, it's not that bad... I like them both!  I'm not really sure which is better.

Now for the not so great ones - all the way to the down-right failures!

My orange shirt is reflecting in her glasses.


Not too bad, but there's a dappled shadow across her face from the trees.

Too much shadow.

Then I tried some landscapes, but the smile was definitely fading.

Shadowed and glasses reflection

Blurry and glasses reflection....

And..... blurry.

So - there are the tries for this kiddo on the merry-go-round.  I'll show you the other daughter tomorrow.

It is such a busy week this week.  (I seem to say that a lot, but it's TRUE!)  I had a performance as a member of an adult choir last night, and I have a performance as the director of a high school choir tomorrow night.  Tonight, the kids are at band practice and they have a concert tomorrow as well!  Thus is the life of performers in October, December, and again in the spring!  We'll make it through as we always do!  :)

Have a great week!

Much Love,


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