Friday, September 24, 2010

Full Moons, Low Pressure Systems and Security Alarms - Oh My!

For once I'm writing a post with no pictures - I know, I'm shocked too!

Yesterday was an absolutely AWFUL day.  So I'm going to whine about it here so that I can move on with my life.  I'm also whining because I want to get out and take pictures instead of go to work today.  But alas, the work must be done and I need to save my sick days for the winter.  (Unfortunately, I usually use up all of my sick days every year. )

Anyway, I think there was something in the water yesterday.  My students at school just seemed to be on edge.  They were rambunctious and, on occasion, down right rude!

My mother worked as a nurse for years.  My mother-in-law was an emergency room nurse for years and years.  They both make comments at times about the full moon - and there was a full moon yesterday.  My mother-in-law is absolutely certain that the number of visits to the ER goes up when there is a full moon.  Maybe it was the full moon that was to blame....

There was also a cold front blowing through our neck of the woods yesterday.  It was cloudy, very windy, cool.... just down right blustery all day during school.  It began to rain about an hour after school was released.  I know that I could feel the effects of the change in weather.  It always affects me.  Maybe I could blame most of yesterday on the weather....


The biggie from yesterday was the security alarm.  You see, the key pad for my building's security alarm is in my office right next to my desk.  Something happened yesterday that triggered the alarm.  It went off  "bee-bee-beep.  bee-bee-beep.  bee-bee-beep.  bee-bee-beep."  (imagine an alarm clock that doesn't have the radio and you'll get the idea...) for 3 and a half HOURS!!!!   Evidently, every single person on our staff who has the code for the security alarm was off campus yesterday afternoon!!  Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!   I was reading to take a sledgehammer to the thing!! 

Husband and kids all had events last night so I drove around with my migraine in the pouring rain until late, then fell asleep on the couch.  I'm hoping to completely re-boot my brain this evening and be back to my normal (wait??  I'm not normal... let's say normal for me) back to my normal-for-me, picture posting self by Saturday sometime.

Much love to you all - and thank you for reading my rant!  :)  I think I feel better now.


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