Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Abandoned House

When we went out in search of sunflowers last weekend, the first field we tried was a bust.  HOWEVER - just down the road was a wonderful, old, stone building.  My mother and I both said, "oooh!  Let's go over there and take some pictures!"

Can you figure out where I learned to love old stone buildings and barns that are falling down?? 

Here are some of the shots from that little side trip.  (all photos are SOOC)

Obviously, someone had been here fairly recently....

I didn't go inside, but I did get pretty close to the windows in order to see inside and take a couple of these shots.

Then something scared me so much I jumped!  This guy came out of a second story window and landed on the roof.  My step-dad thought maybe it was a turkey vulture.

Unfortunately, that's the best shot I got of him.

Much Love!



SouthernSass said...

Great pictures! I love old buildings too.

Dana said...

Nice :) Boy would I love to be able to give that house a bit of TLC and then call it my home.

Tiffany said...

I agree Dana - the kitchen was ENORMOUS!!!