Monday, August 1, 2011

August Break

Because August is when school starts back up around here and I always get overwhelmingly busy, I am going to try participating in the August Break this year.  I think I started doing this part way through August last year....

Anyway, just a few lines and a photo or two each day.  I'm not going to stress out about getting posts while I figure out where to fit blogging into my new school schedule.  :)

Last night we took this daughter out to eat for her birthday.  She is now officially a teenager!  Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!  Love you!  :)

She and dad always play VERY competitive games.  This one she calls Squares, but I don't know what it's official name is.....  It looks like this.

They work hard to WIN!  It's very serious business!  haha!

If you would like to join the August Break, Click here:

Have a great Monday!



Jillian said...

I hope you can fit posting into your schedule, I love seeing your photos. Have a great year teaching. Oh, and happy birthday to Elayna! :)

Sarah said...

Hi Tiffany!!! I was happy to see your picture in the list...of so many! Happy Break! I tried last year too..and am trying again LOL!
What a beautiful daughter!! Happy Birthday! I have a son that is turning 13 this fall..ackkkk! Is scary stuff! Beautiful pictures!
Sarah :)