Saturday, May 21, 2011

School's (nearly) out for Summer!!

Holy Cow!  This school year was frantic from beginning to end it seems!  But as things are winding down, I am getting so excited to spend my summer taking pictures again and being in the Civic Theater's Musical.

I'm also itchin to get my blog up and rolling again!  The best way I can think of is to post some of the shots I took over the school year.  I will probably do that for the next few days.  Then it will be off to take some great pictures again this summer and work on the un-ending task of improving my photography!

Let's see.... I didn't get a ton of chances to take pictures this year, but I DID take some...  Let me flip through my shots and see what you might enjoy looking at.

It looks like I mostly have shots from a SNOW DAY!!  (a day off from school because the snow fell so quickly, the buses were getting stuck!)  Here goes:

At Sunrise

A little rabbit was using the "wishing well" in someone's yard as shelter

The youngest daughter enjoying her time in the snow.

Blessings to everyone!  I'm looking forward to a relaxing and beautiful summer!



Steve Finnell said...

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MarieElizabeth said...

Welcome back!

Tiffany said...

Thank you Mary Elizabeth! It's nice to have a moment to blog again! Hopefully I'll be more regular again this summer like last!