Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting it in Print

Back in September last year, I found myself at a theater cast party talking with the owner/producer of a local magazine.  I happened to mention that I love photography and if they ever needed some help, I'd love to participate.  She told me to send an email to the editor along with examples of my work and they'd see if they could use me.  (PS - that's code for, "we'll see if your photography skills are good enough.")

I followed up immediately (the next morning) by sending the editor a link to my photostream on Flickr.  Low and behold, within a couple of weeks, I had my first assignment!  I talked about it here and posted a few of the pictures here

While I've gotten good at converting my photos to the 300dpi requested by the editor, I have never been able to convert to CYMK from RGB.  Luckily, with this small publication, they are willing to work with me and make the conversions after I submit the RGB.

I was a little disappointed that the pictures I submitted were converted to black & white.  I had processed the photos to give them a late afternoon "golden" hue which was not only lost in the conversion, but made the shots less crisp and clear.  Oh well, I learned something!

Here's what the end product looked like.

I have since done a couple more articles and stories!  It has been fun and it has kept me shooting through the chaotic months of winter and early spring when I thought I didn't have time to take pictures!!

Looking forward to spending the summer with you!!

Much Love,


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