Sunday, September 18, 2011

Capturing Butterflies - but NOT

Earlier this past week, I went to a park with my daughter.  The butterflies were out and it was a beautiful time of night. 

So - I tried to capture some of the butterflies.  HA!  That was a big FAIL.  I felt kinda "looser-ish"....

I have a new found respect for wildlife photographers - especially those who can capture flying creatures!

Here are my attempts.

Not that it's a particularly BAD picture, it's just difficult to see the butterfly.

At least it's in focus in this one, but hidden behind a flower....

It flew away.  I think that might be the edge of a wing on the right side.

Again, it moved.  I kinda like all the blur in the picture though.  :)

Finding the butterfly is a little like "Where's Waldo".  I'm not sure it's even there.

So, I will return sometime this next week and try again.  :)

Good luck to any of you who attempt to capture these evasive little beauties. 

Have a great week!

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Francisca said...

Fast fluttery little things, aren't they? :-) I also tried to capture a couple of butterflies recently, and failed. This takes patience, and all too often I am in motion from one place to another (often not alone), so I can't stop long enough. Hhrrmmp!

You've done some lovely portraits of your children. I relate with your frustrations about auto-focus.

(If you wonder how I got here, I was just having a peek at who recently chose to follow my blog. Thank you for that!) :-)